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Egg Whites continue to get positive press throughout the world. We're pleased to share some of the press that we've received in various mediums.

If you have any press clippings related to egg whites and would like to share them with us. Please email them to my webmaster and we'll get it on the site.


By Sean "Seanzilla" Katterle
Co-Editor, Monster Muscle Magazine

In the war to build strength and muscle, your kitchen is your ammo depot. You pound away diligently in the gym and you catch all the sleep that you can afford to catch but, if you aren't shoveling protein into your craw every few hours, then you aren't maximizing your progress! The bottom line is, protein builds muscle. In order to make the fastest strength gains possible, your muscles need to have protein available to them 24/7. In my kitchen, at all times, I'm armed with pounds of ground beef, tubs of protein powder, cans of tuns fish, gallons of milk, a couple nice cuts of steak and a container of Lana's Egg Whites. Taking in different sources of protein is a great way to keep your diet interesting and most people's bodies seem to respond better when different food sources are being ingested throughout the day. I can almost guarantee that, if every day you take in glasses of milk, a couple pounds of beef/fish/chicken, some protein shakes and a couple cups of Lana's Egg Whites, that your recovery time will quicken and that your max lifts will increase dramatically.

For decades, lifters have known that raw egg whites are incredibly anabolic. The problem with downing the raw eggs was the risk of salmonella. Lana's Egg Whites has solved this dilemma! They have developed a pasteurization process, similar to how dairy farmers pasteurize milk, that leaves their egg whites bacteria free. Now, you can crank up the Rocky soundtrack and start chuggin' egg whites like a champ!

Lana's Egg Whites come in a nine pound, easy to refrigerate, container. Just one cup of this eggsellent product contains 28 grams of protein. Even better, a cup has zero fat, zero cholesterol and only 400 mg of sodium. This means that you can super load on quality protein without loading up on unhealthy fats or salt. Lana's Egg Whites is also free of chemicals, colorings and preservatives. Wes (Monster Muscle Publisher) likes to drink them raw in a water glass and I either slam em raw, blend them raw with fruit, milk and ice cream or nuke them in the microwave and then stir in a can of veggies. Living in southern California, I usually barbeque daily and I add the egg whites to the hamburger as a protein kicker. Lana's got a whole cookbook full of awesome ways to use her egg whites so you can be an eggspert in the kitchen.

You can get a nine pound container of Lana's Egg Whites for only $45.99. To order, you can call The Egg Line at 1-925-735-0344, you can email Lana at, or you can log on to their website at If you live in northern California, they sell them at a bunch of the Max Muscle stores. So, score a tub of Lana's Egg Whites and GET YOLKED!

Stay Hardcore,

Sean "Seanzilla" Katterle
Co-Editor, Monster Muscle Magazine
1(800)897-4956 code 17

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